Thursday, July 27, 2017

Final Stages of the Call Process

As I write this letter, the Call Committee is busy interviewing pastors. By the time you receive this newsletter, they may have chosen the candidate they will recommend as the next pastor for Holy Cross.

Once the Call Committee has selected a "Candidate of Choice," that pastor will meet with the Executive Committee to come to an agreement on compensation. Then the congregation will vote to extend a call. The Executive Committee will schedule a Congregational Meeting and the congregation will vote to call the pastor and to approve the compensation. Some time before the congregation votes, the Call Committee will have an opportunity to explain their recommendation to the congregation; there may also be an opportunity to meet and greet the candidate before the congregation votes. (If this happens it is important to know this is not any kind of interview with the whole congregation; it is usually a more informal setting to just get acquainted, and this "meet and greet" event sometimes happens after the call is extended.)

Assuming the congregation votes to call the pastor that person has 30 days to decide to accept or reject the call. Most often, pastors do not need that much time to make a decision; but once they decide to accept the call, they must give notice to their current congregation before they can begin their new call at Holy Cross. Most of the time, pastors will have decided that they will accept the call to a new congregation before the congregation actually votes. However, if a significant number of people (10 - 15% or more) vote against the call, for whatever reason, the pastor may think twice about accepting that call.

If there are no snags in this process I expect that a new pastor will be able to begin at Holy Cross by the end of the summer. I am being recommended for a new interim assignment that would begin in September, so the timing for me and the congregation should work well.

Continue to keep the call process in your prayers.

In Christ,
Pastor Loren

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Duluth MN 

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