Thursday, July 27, 2017


 Celebrate Grace, Grow In Faith and Make a Difference For God

Pre-Marriage Requirements

* Minnesota Marriage License

Marriage licenses can be applied for at the St. Louis County Courthouse in Room 101.  There is a five day waiting period to obtain the actual marriage license.  Marriage licenses are good for six months.

Click here for more information, or to download application forms.

Music Guidelines

* A Christian wedding is a worship service. Music selected should create and sustain a worshipful mood.
* Sacred music is suggested during the service. Other songs approved by the Pastor may also be used.                                                   
* It is the responsibility of the couple to secure musicians for the ceremony.  
* Music for the Organist/Pianist and Soloist shall be provided well in advance of the wedding date.
* We prefer that and Organist/Pianist from our church be used.  Our current Organist is Judy Andersen, 722-7109.

Other Considerations

* It is practice at Holy Cross to have weddings only for members of the church. Exceptions to this may be made at the Pastor's discretion.
* The couple should contact the church office to secure an available date for the wedding.
* A Pastor currently on staff at Holy Cross must participate in the wedding ceremony.
* A unity candle holder, vases and candelabras are available for use.
* The wedding party is responsible for general clean up of the church property and for any damage incurred.
* Videotaping may be done from the balcony. No flash photography is allowed during the service (Invocation-Benediction).
* Rehearsal will begin promptly on time.
* Bulletins are the responsibility of the wedding couple and must be approved by the Pastor prior to printing.
* The church building is to be respected as the House of God.
* No rice, bird seed, etc. shall be thrown inside or outside of the building.
* This is a smoke free building.
* No alcoholic beverages are allowed on church property. Anyone under the influence will not be allowed to participate in the rehearsal and/or wedding. 


* Custodian - $75 
* Organist/Pianist - $100
* Pastor - $150

Individual checks for the above fees should be dropped off at the church one week in advance.

  Holy Cross Lutheran Church, ELCA

At Holy Cross our mission is to 

Celebrate Grace, Grow In Faith and Make a Difference For God 

We strive to accomplish our mission by being a community of believers dedicated to building deeply caring intergenerational relationships and empowering all members - families, youth and individuals - to participate fully in a Christ centered life through worship, fellowship, study and service.
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