Pre-Marriage Requirements

* Minnesota Marriage License

Marriage licenses can be applied for at the St. Louis County Courthouse in Room 101.  There is a five day waiting period to obtain the actual marriage license.  Marriage licenses are good for six months.

Click here for more information, or to download application forms.

Music Guidelines

* A Christian wedding is a worship service. Music selected should create and sustain a worshipful mood.
* Sacred music is suggested during the service. Other songs approved by the Pastor may also be used.                                                   
* It is the responsibility of the couple to secure musicians for the ceremony.  
* Music for the Organist/Pianist and Soloist shall be provided well in advance of the wedding date.
* We prefer that and Organist/Pianist from our church be used.  Our current Organist is Judy Andersen, 722-7109.

Other Considerations

* It is practice at Holy Cross to have weddings only for members of the church. Exceptions to this may be made at the Pastor's discretion.
* The couple should contact the church office to secure an available date for the wedding.
* A Pastor currently on staff at Holy Cross must participate in the wedding ceremony.
* A unity candle holder, vases and candelabras are available for use.
* The wedding party is responsible for general clean up of the church property and for any damage incurred.
* Videotaping may be done from the balcony. No flash photography is allowed during the service (Invocation-Benediction).
* Rehearsal will begin promptly on time.
* Bulletins are the responsibility of the wedding couple and must be approved by the Pastor prior to printing.
* The church building is to be respected as the House of God.
* No rice, bird seed, etc. shall be thrown inside or outside of the building.
* This is a smoke free building.
* No alcoholic beverages are allowed on church property. Anyone under the influence will not be allowed to participate in the rehearsal and/or wedding. 


* Custodian - $75 
* Organist/Pianist - $100
* Pastor - $150

Individual checks for the above fees should be dropped off at the church one week in advance.