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We are the Youth Ministry of Holy Cross!

  Our Ministry is run by an excellent team of our Congregational Members! Please take a moment to scroll through some of the key details of our Youth Ministry!

Ministry Team
Pastor: Noah Johnson
Youth Director: Brianna Krause
Co-Team Leaders: Stacy Johnson, David Prudhomme, Brian & Jennifer Kreager

The Holy Cross Youth Board consists of members of the Congregation who are dedicated to providing a ministry which fits the needs of today's youth! If you have a passion for working with youth, or a curiosity in how our Ministry works, please feel free to join us!

Our Mission
As Youth Minisitry Leaders, we will strive to provide spiritual, personal and social growth opportunities through:

  • Confirmation education for 6th - 10th graders.
  • Sunday morning "Youth Forum" every other Sunday for 6th - 12th graders to discuss their personal lives, the Bible, God, and how they relate.
  • "Wednesday Night Something" activities for 6th - 12th graders, to provide fellowship and fun for Holy Cross Youth as well as other youth in the community.
  • "Thursday Night Homework Night" during the school year for 9th - 12th graders to gather, laugh, relax, and work together on homework.
  • Lock-Ins which focus on special events, holidays, or community services.
  • Participation in Christian gatherings, along with other special events for young people.
  • Provide service to Holy Cross and the surrounding community.

How do we do it?
We have methods and goals which allow us to meet each point of our mission, such as:

  • Periodically communicating activities, plans, needs, and expectations with parents and youth.
  • Provide a safe, welcoming, and accepting environment for all youth.
  • Working together to form relationships and a sense of community amongst the youth, parents, and the Church.
  • Using a points system to guide the program, as well as progress of growth in faith. Click here for details on our confirmation points system. Click here for directions on different roles the youth play in our church!

Our program is always looking for ways to grow and encourage the best experience possible! If you have any interest in checking things out, our Youth Director, Brianna, is always available! Children are also always welcome to attend a 'trial' session to find out what we're all about!